Chocolate Bars

Défoncé Chocolatier’s team of veteran artisans uses sun-grown, single-origin cannabis and incomparable chocolate ingredients to craft California’s finest infused chocolate bars.

Défoncé Chocolatier’s bars come in a range of scrupulously tested flavors. All of them contain 90mg of THC, and each serving is 5mg of THC.



100g (3.5 oz) | THC 90mg | Cacao 31%

Refined white chocolate infused with vanilla bean.

Sometimes chocolate lovers want something a little bit different—the familiar bar texture and shape but a flavor that suggests a tropical plant other than the cocoa bean. What they desire is vanilla. Our gorgeous white chocolate bar, which resembles white granite, tastes like your favorite vanilla milkshake—a passion for one of our chocolatiers.

This product is gluten-free.



Défoncé Vanilla white chocolate bar
Défoncé  Matcha white chocolate bar


100G (3.5 OZ) | THC 90MG | CACAO 31%

Pure white chocolate infused with green tea matcha.

Some people love the flavor of cannabis (count us among the fans, especially when the cannabis is our farmer's single-origin strains). If you, too, prize the plant's herbal notes, then our green tea matcha bar is for you. Our veteran chocolatiers found that matcha and cannabis complement each other splendidly. This is a remarkably complex, and well-balanced, bar.

This product is gluten-free.




100G (3.5 OZ) | THC 90MG | CACAO 53%

Simple, satisfying milk chocolate with notes of malt and caramel.

You may believe you have "graduated" from the milk chocolate of your adolescence to the dark chocolate you now adore. But you haven't tried Défoncé milk chocolate—this is not the bar of your playground days. Due to the high quality of the cacao, we boost the cacao percentage in this bar to 53 percent, which surpasses the cacao percentages in most milk chocolate bars by quite a bit. The milk chocolate you inhaled as a kid was wan and tooth-achingly sweet. Sort of like flavored sugar. But our bar is fudgy and elegant—milk chocolate for discerning adults.

This product is gluten-free. Made with organic chocolate.


Défoncé milk chocolate bar
Défonce Coffee bar with milk chocolate and cookies


100G (3.5 OZ) | THC 90MG | CACAO 53%

Milk chocolate and cracked espresso beans, folded with delicate cookies.

Our chocolatier's vivid taste memory of eating stroopwafel and espresso for breakfast in Amsterdam inspired this spectacular bar. We combine a rich, floral coffee—roasted here in Oakland by the same company for more than 60 years—with the proper style of milk Défoncé chocolate for this evocative treat. Chocolate and coffee for breakfast? Of course.

Made with organic chocolate.




100G (3.5 OZ) | THC 90MG | CACAO 53%

A bright swirl of smooth milk chocolate and cool, refreshing mint.

How is it that a foil-wrapped square of mint chocolate enthroned on a hotel pillow tastes so very lovely? Without the setting—say, you snag it from a glass bowl on your exit from a restaurant—the same confection seems pedestrian. The phenomenon inspired our chocolatier, who crafted a mint chocolate bar that captures the magic of the hotel-chocolate experience, minus the necessity for a soft throne. In addition to adding such bright flavor, the mint also serves as a relaxant, and it cleanses your palate, too. You were looking for the ideal evening-dessert chocolate bar. And look—you just found it.

This product is gluten-free. Made with organic chocolate.


Défoncé Mint bar with milk chocolate
Défoncé dark chocolate bar


100G (3.5 OZ) | THC 90MG | CACAO 66%

Classic dark chocolate with a smooth, sophisticated finish.

We understand you appreciate the deep pleasures of dark chocolate—we are members of the same chocolate-obsessed tribe. The benefits of that square of espresso-brown chocolate extend beyond the palate, however. Dark chocolate is good for you. There is evidence dark chocolate is mood-boosting, which does not surprise. But chocolate's most profound health blessings may revolve around the ways it interacts with the heart. Evidence suggests it lowers blood pressure, diminishes the "bad" LDL cholesterol and ratchets down the risk of heart disease. How? It's all about chocolate's inflammation-fighting properties. Inflammation leads to cardiovascular risk, and things that reduce inflammation may lead to improved heart health.

This product is gluten-free and vegan. Made with organic chocolate.




100G (3.5 OZ) | THC 90MG | CACAO 66%

Elegant dark chocolate with roasted hazelnuts, caramel bits, and cocoa nibs.

We celebrate the rise of hazelnut flavor in America. It wasn't long ago that Nutella was something most Californians encountered only while on vacation nearly anywhere in Europe—from Dublin to Copenhagen to Rome. Now, we snag jars of the spreadable hazelnut ambrosia in grocery stores in Eureka and San Diego. And it is easy to find what may be Nutella's Platonic ideal—as accompaniment to a warm crepe. The joys of the hazelnut crepe prompted our chocolatier to craft a bar that would capture the spirit of the dish, if not the griddled disc of batter. Bonus: You can take our version of hazelnut crepes with you.

This product is gluten-free. Made with organic chocolate.


Défoncé Hazelnut bar with dark chocolate
Défoncé Dark+ chocolate bar with 81% cocoa


100G (3.5 OZ) | THC 90MG | CACAO 81%

Decadently dark chocolate with a deep, balanced finish.

Some of us like to push our chocolate experience right to the blade's edge, to the place where the balance between cacao, which in its pure state is extremely bitter, and sugar weighs heavy on the cacao side. Our Dark+ bar offers the least amount of sugar in our line of chocolates, and as a result most clearly showcases the complex, powerful flavors of cacao. The relatively petite quotient of sugar in the Dark+ speaks to those who shrink from sweetener, and it also appeals to dark chocolate connoisseurs, who like their cacao nearly naked.

This product is gluten-free and vegan. Made with organic chocolate.