Care in the fields.

Craft in the kitchen.

Your experience, exalted.

Défoncé embraces the makers who follow hearts, heads, and hands to shape the things that move us—the Sonoma coast winemaker who coaxes ambrosia from pinot noir grapes, the Big Sur woodworker who transforms reclaimed wood into elegant kitchen tables, the Ventura tailor whose bespoke blazers last a lifetime.

This California passion for artisanship electrifies all that we do here at Défoncé, where artisans with years of experience at fine chocolate manufacturers now devote their spirit and savvy to the places where chocolate and cannabis meet, crafting California's most exquisite infused chocolate.



Dedicated to Consistency

For the Défoncé team, which views chocolate-making as a higher calling, crafting chocolate is a serious endeavor. We respect, honor, and celebrate this venerable pursuit, this alchemy of cocoa and sugar that has added joy to lives for thousands of years.

Introducing another ancient glory to the mix—cannabis—both broadens and sharpens our already laser-like attention to quality and consistency. Cannabis is a special plant. People engage with it for a variety of reasons—euphoria, pleasure, creativity, pain-relief, and much more—but understanding THC levels is vital.

And naturally, cannabis quality is paramount.

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Meet Our Partners


The partnerships that Défoncé has created with cannabis collectives throughout California are not only what help us thrive, but they provide our loyal patrons with access to our product. Here, we spotlight Cannvis, an Oakland-based collective delivering artisanal cannabis throughout the Bay Area.

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