Dedicated to Consistency

For the Défoncé team, which views chocolate-making as a higher calling, crafting chocolate is serious endeavor. We respect, honor, and celebrate this venerable pursuit, this alchemy of cocoa and sugar that has added joy to lives for thousands of years.

Introducing another ancient glory to the mix—cannabis—both broadens and sharpens our already laser-like attention to quality and consistency. Cannabis is a special plant. People engage with it for a variety of reasons—euphoria, pleasure, creativity, pain-relief, and much more—but understanding THC levels is vital.

And naturally, cannabis quality is paramount.

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Seed to Bar

The movement towards transparency and specificity, particularly in America’s 21st century food scene, is most welcome. We appreciate understanding the provenance of our food. Among other things, the movement nudges us away from trusting whatever the corporate leviathans, ultimately helmed by bankers in distant tall buildings, ship our way. Instead of transparency and specificity, that sad model of food production and distribution relies upon shadows and ambiguity.

This ongoing, healthy transformation of how we consume informed Défoncé from the very beginning, including the spark that got this train moving: Let’s build a seed-to-bar cannabis chocolate company.

More work? Indeed. Much more. But making chocolate is not tax accountancy—passion for the work itself drives us. When the work inspires, then more of it delivers even greater thrills. And sure enough, this journey rewards us every day.

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Perfect Union

Both chocolate and cannabis qualify as grand pleasures, which is one of the reasons we thought combining the two was such a splendid idea. 

But it gets even better.

Both, too, promote health. This qualifies as a classic “win-win.” Like you, we dig it when pleasure and health complement each other.

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